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Jul 15, 2010

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Did you also import music from iTunes or your MP3 collection, and now have hundreds of Spotify playlists you don’t want? It was driving me crazy, and I couldn’t find an easy way of deleting several playlists at once, so I built this program using libspotify-sharp by Jonas Larsson (thank you Jonas, you’re awesome!).

You simply enter how many playlists you want to keep (from the the top), and the program will delete all playlists below this number. So just move all your important playlists to the top, and run this program. It will not allow you to delete the top 30 playlists (as a precaution for complete fuckups) and you need to enter your Spotify username and password.

You need to be a paying Spotify customer. Sorry, no way around this.

If you get log messages about the playlist, exit Spotify and try again.

Update October 2011: Warning! If you use the new Playlist Folders (multiple playlists in one folder) the program doesn’t work very well. Make sure you temporarily move out all playlists of the folders and remove them before running this program. Some people have also reported the program doesn’t work in 64 bit, but it’s working fine for me (Win 7 64bit).

Delete Spotify Playlists
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Disclaimer: It worked fine for me, and deleted over 500 playlists in the correct order, but use it at your own risk. Only delete a few at a time for example. You can also contact me if you want the source code.

34 Responses to “Delete Spotify Playlists”

  1. Jon Says:

    Superb, worked a treat and saved me hours, thanks!


  2. Michel Says:

    Thx, worked flawless!


  3. Per Says:

    It didn’t work for me :/ Got this type of error message (had to take a quick screenshot to see it).

    Logging in…
    Log: 21:00:11.255 I [ap:1368] Connecting to AP
    Log: 21:00:12.392 E [ap:3153] Connection error: 409

    etc. etc.

    You have any idea why I get error 409?


    • Simon (DeveloperDog) Says:

      Error 409 is not mentioned in the Spotify developer documentation, but they use http error codes which indicates some kind of “rule conflict” established by Spotify. Perhaps you’re trying to use Spotify outside the supported countries? Or perhaps there’s some kind of proxy problem. Try running the program on another network, and let me know.


      • Per Says:

        Nope, I am in Sweden so Spotify works fine here :) And I have no proxy…

        Will try to remember to run the program at work next week and see if it works there.


      • Per Says:

        But today it suddenly worked perfectly! Thank you so much!!!


  4. Andre Says:

    Hi and thanx for this one. But I’m not getting it to work. I just get a “Connection error 402” and a “Login result: CLIENT_TOO_OLD”. Any ideas what to do?


  5. Symon Says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been searching for! Thank you for this. But alas, unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. I also receive error code 409.


  6. dMaN Says:

    Went from 330 playlists to 29 in less than a minute. Big thanks 😀


  7. serrebi Says:

    Thanks for this tool! I’m blind and this pretty much saved my Spotify subscription since I couldn’t use the mobile app with voice over on the iPhone, because of over 2800 playlists from a WMP sync from a few months back. Thankyou!


  8. snah Says:

    I have attached a screenshot of the error i get when i try and use your program, im not going to buy a premium account just so i can delete the 1200 play lists spotify added for me (playlists i dont even have in iTunes). Any ideas?


  9. ecnofoon Says:

    I wish this beautiful solution would work for mac……! Does anybody know a MAC-SOLUTION?????

    Thankxs a bunch


  10. Dan D Says:

    Worked Great – Saved me hours. Thanks


  11. DeBo Says:

    Force closes in Windows 7 64-bit – no playlists deleted.


  12. Spillz Says:

    Force closes for me too. Didn’t work.


  13. Jon Says:

    How can I delete all the playlists? This program “as a precaution, you must keep the top 30 playlists”.


  14. maz Says:

    WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Crashdown966 Says:

    watching them disappear 1 by 1, AWESOME! Thank you.


  16. Arturo Says:

    Thank you a lot!!!!! Your app saved my life. Let my tell my story, one day I used spotify android app and something bad happened and the app hanged up and created on my profile..10130 empty playlist!!! After that when I tried to run the PC app it couldn’t start because of that all playlist or if it started it was running very slowly. I tired to delete that all playlist by hand but I was horrible. I wrote to Spotify support but they told me that this situation with that all playlist is a bug (wow :/ ) and they couldn’t help me… And after that I found your site with your app that saved my time and I’m really glad and once again I want to thank you :) I also wonder if I broke the world record for the amount of deleted playlist from one account – 10130 😀


  17. dATYRAN Says:

    WORKED SMOOTH… very good app


  18. TommyJ Says:

    I found this link on the spotify help page and it was a lifesaver. GREAT app. Thanks a ton.


  19. Frank Says:

    Thank you so much. Just deleted about 450 playlists with this.


  20. Vikas Says:

    Hi Fantastic program…however, I have a Mac :-( …have you made a program for the Mac environment yet …or do you know of one out there.

    Many Thanks



  21. Frans Says:

    Thanks, TopDeveloperDog, just deleted over 2000 playlists accidentally imported from iTunes. Kudos!


  22. Ricardo Says:

    Does this work on Windows 10?


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